The only way to get past the difficulties today is by uplifting your energy enough to shift your thoughts to a more open and solution-based direction. 

Have you noticed how you can't find your way out when you are complaining? Your energy is being drained by negativity, so you have nothing left in you to seek a creative solution for your problem and to be open enough to discover a solution that may be in front of your face already!

The opposite happens when you choose Gratitude. You energy is heightened instantly and your brain is fulled to allow new ideas to flow. Your happy thoughts also attract more happy events, thus flowing into a resolution of what you first considered a difficulty.

There are many ways to incoprorate Gratitude into your thoughts in the now. One way is to bring back the happy thoughts of yesterday to uplift your present energy. You can go further back to whenever you want to fish out that memory that will have you fill your heart with Gratitude for an extraordinary event. I am sure you have had many blessings over time, some having gifted you as recently as yesterday! 

So we have reached the end of the 28 Day challenge... now is time to start sharing results! Use the comments below any one of The Magic Challenge posts to let us know how each of the suggestions worked for you. 

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What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror?

One of the worst ways to be critical of yourself
is to hate what you see in the mirror. 

The person in the mirror is so much more than who you choose to see at that moment. Take some time to really look into who this person is, including the good and the bad, the achievements and the mistakes, the efforts and the fails. 

Make sure to watch the video for more on what you can see in the mirror and how you can be sure to uplift yourself each time you do, with Gratitude. 


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We all make MISTAKES.

We also often get stuck in our mistakes, feeling shame, blaming ourselves for not knowing better, criticizing ourselves for our decisions and having a hard time letting go of what happened to concentrate on the present moment. 

Being stuck in our mistakes prevents us from moving on, keeps us in the negativity of the perceived outcome and drains our energy, instead of helping us to make mends and uplift us to be better and do better.

If you feel like mistakes have chained you to this reality, use the advice in the video to shift your energy and get out of the negative to boost yourself in the positive meaning of your life experience.

I had to do this to get out of my messy divorce. I felt like my marriage had been a big fat mistake, that I had hung on too long, that I had given of myself to a relationship that could not be what I expected of it. I felt like I made mistake over mistake trying to fix things too. The thought of this sucked the life out of me. 

It was draining to be caught in this reality I created for myself because I felt like I wasted years and now, because of my mistake, I was in this situation, wasting more time, money, energy... I couldn't get myself out of the whirwind my mistake seemed to have created.

It was when I started writing for TheNewHappyMe that I realized the mistake had been a blessing. Had it not been for this experience I called a mistake, I would not be here today writing a blog post and sharing my thoughts with my audience. I would not be able to help others deal with their mistakes too. 

Thanks to that marriage, I was also blessed with two healthy children and the strength of a mother to keep going on. I had this opportunity to be more for my children and this was a great feeling. 

There were so many elements about the situations that I now viewed as blessings, that I could leverage to uplift my energy with Gratitude and refuel myself to keep going. With this heightened energy, I was able to think more clearly, find solutions or open myself up to new opportunities helping me through the mess I was in.

Thanks to this new found attitude, I was able to put the divorce behind me. I could breathe again!

If you or a friend can use this message to help yourself out of a messy situation too, if you need to free yourself of an energy draining mistake you keep holding on to, watch the video again and read this post, then share it! 


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The Universe wants you to remember Gratitude and so It sends you cues every single moment. Are you open to receiving them?

Take a moment to be present in your environment:
- What can you hear?
- What can you see?
- What thoughts are coming to you?

From these thoughts, what are 10 things you can be grateful for right now in this moment? 

Consider these as cues and reminders from the Universe designed to raise your vibration all the time. It is with a higher energetic vibration that you will improve your life experience. Gratitude happens to be the best way to increase your energy level! Thank you for the cues Universe!


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